September 27, 2006

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The dawn of a new Moleskine

I’ve reached the last page on my well-loved Moleskine notebook and
must retire it to my archives. This is the little black notebook I
described in my blog post on
Networking with Moleskines. I have a fresh Moleskine to write in, newly numbered (odd pages only)
and ready for all the conversations I’ll have in the future. I’ve moved my masking-tape fountain pen holder to the new Moleskine.

It’s a good time to think about what I’d like to keep and what I’d
like to change.

I’ve come to see my notebook as a temporary buffer for conversations,
notes, promises, thoughts, ideas – anything that should make its way
into my computer. It performs this job admirably. It’s the only way I
can remember to keep in touch with so many people after all the events
I go to. It lets me be proactive in following up. Of course, it’s not
much good if I don’t actually have the time to sit down and do some
correspondence, but at least the data is kept somewhere safe.

I love the back pocket – great for business cards and emergency cash.
I love the binding. I love the fountain pen’s heft in my hand and the
smoothness with which it glides across the cream paper. I love the
comments and smiles I get when people notice the pen, too. I love the
secret knowing grins of fellow members of the Moleskine cult. ;)

Most of all, I love the trust. I love knowing that everything would be
in my little black book. All I have to do is go through everything
sequentially to make sure that I get everything into my computer and
my Big Brother Database.


  • Paper is good.
  • Using my notebook for conversations is terrific.
  • I should keep some kind of index for memorable information. I referred to this frequently.


  • No ripping things out. Ever.
  • Need better way to keep track of what’s already in my computer, what’s been acted on, etc.
  • Need better way to scan backwards for a previous mention of someone. Episodic memory is my friend.
  • Add occasional to-blog pages with back and forward references.
  • Use colored tabs, perhaps?
  • Need some kind of picture support, maybe with phone?


My mom would rather that I don’t directly link to her blog, which is a
pity because you won’t get to read her totally awesome stories, but
it’s also good because embarrassing kid stories of mine would no doubt
turn up as well. ;) <grin> So you’ll just have to get to know my
mom yourself, and ask her really really really nicely. ;)


Hooray! Finally! Network access from my laptop Just Works!

This means I can work on my research from my regular computer instead
of cramming it into one day a week. I just need to figure out how I
can free up more space on this system…

On Technorati:

Backlog: Software Freedom Day

Goodness, I have *such* a blogging backlog. Here’s a story about
Software Freedom Day last 2006.09.16 that helped me learn a little bit
more about what I love doing. =)

Jane Zhang e-mailed me the night before. The
projector plans had fallen through. She asked me if I knew anyone with
a projector or knew anywhere they could rent one on short notice. I
remembered that Roger Yang brought a projector
to a vegetarian food fair a few weeks ago, so I forwarded her request
to him. I was glad to hear that it turned out well. Good karma points
all around!

The funny thing about favors is that they draw people closer together.
Who keeps score in these things, anyway? I get a warm and fuzzy
feeling (hereafter abbreviated as WAFFy) about Roger for helping Jane
out with this, and I look forward to, say, going rockclimbing with him
this weekend. I get WAFFy about Jane for thinking of me and giving me
this opportunity to help out. And I get WAFFy about being able to make
that connection, too. They’re both awesome people.

So that’s story 1 for Software Freedom Day. More to follow!

My mom’s blogging!

And she writes better than I do… <laugh> She’s totally
awesome! I’m looking forward to reading more stories from her. I
should ask her if I can link to her…

Okay, that’s it, I’m spending all of Friday catching up with my
blogging backlog. Promise! And then I’ll get on the story-a-day wagon