January 25, 2006

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A waste of mangoes

<sigh> I miss the Philippines and mangoes that ripen beautifully.
I tried one of the mangoes today, and it wasn’t sweet. I should’ve
checked the others regularly.

Next time: put them all in the fruits compartment instead of leaving
them out (remember, indoor heating makes it _warmer_ than home!), and
check them every day.

If I find a proper mango here, I’m going to splurge on getting it.

Who Moved My Oatmeal?

My oatmeal has gone missing. I really, really, really should’ve
scribbled my name on it.

I wrote a note on my receipt (thank goodness I keep records!) asking
if anyone had seen my open paper pack of quick-cooking oatmeal. A
Post-it addendum apologized if I’d been unknowingly taking from
someone else’s supplies and asks that I be informed so that I can
check with the supermarket or just absorb the loss and buy another
pack. A third Post-it note added that if people had been mistaking my
oatmeal for the intact one-minute oatmeal buried behind the brown
sugar on someone else’s shelf, then no problem, but please stop moving
my oatmeal.

Life is too complicated for 8:00 in the morning.

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Metadata class

The metadata class was okay. The professor doesn’t just read off the
slides. She tells stories sometimes, too. I’m glad that we don’t have
too many oral presentations, though… <laugh> My classmates
were informative, but tended to read off the slides.