October 13, 2006

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Bus updates for Hack Night

FYI, the YRT changed their bus routes back in April – the #1 doesn’t
go to Finch anymore, it stops at Richmond Hill. Also, the Pink stops
running after 9am and doesn’t start up again until 3 or so and stops
again at 6-something, so the alternative to the Pink for those staying
late for Hack night would be purple viva + whatever buses go to finch,
which includes the blue viva and the 91 or the 99, I forget which.

E-Mail from Karen Quinn Fung

Random Emacs symbol: inhibit-quit – Variable: Non-nil inhibits C-g quitting from happening immediately.



I’m still…

Simon told me the story of his first project. There is *no* way I can
do it justice. If you ever hear him tell it, you’ll understand
instantly why I can’t help but say “Wow.”

Here is someone who makes things happen. Even if his back is to the
wall, he won’t give up – he’ll find a way to make things work.

Simply by being, he inspires me to push beyond myself.

He’s amazing.