October 16, 2006

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On the other hand…

On the other hand, it’s great when something takes you a third of the
time you thought it would! =)

It took me 30 minutes to summarize an article in 494 words. I had read
the article before, though, and knew what the key points were. 16
words a minute means my bottleneck is thinking, not typing… <laugh>

Random Emacs symbol: eshell-error-handle – Variable: *The index of the standard error handle.


Wow. This timing thing is freaky. It’s *fun* to dash off a few quick
estimates of how long something will take me, do the task, and find
myself almost right on the mark.

I don’t know if that means I’m getting better at estimating how long
I’ll take to finish something, or if work expands to fit available
time. ;)

Random Emacs symbol: whitespace-toggle-leading-check – Command: Toggle the check for leading space in the local buffer.

More cramming

I realized that I’d forgotten Alvin’s poster in the lab, so I trekked
back there to pick it up. The walk wasn’t a total waste, though. I
breezed through some 400 blog posts (out of 1200 or so) from IBM’s
blogs in October.

More cramming to follow. I need to work on my KMD2004 requirements.
Then I need to work on adapting the dogear tagclouding code so that we
can make tagcloud T-shirts. After I finish that, I can quickly sort
out my CASCON schedule so that I know how crazy tomorrow will be.
Fortunately, I don’t have to present anything at either Wednesday’s
workshop or Thursday’s panel. I just have to show up and be

After I survive this, I’m treating myself to a musical! (And *then*
there’s DemoCamp to pull off…)

During times like this, I wish Simon lived closer downtown.
<laugh> Then I’d have some company while cramming, and a steady
supply of hot chocolate. Speaking of hot chocolate – we tried the
spiced hot chocolate from Soma last Sunday. I followed the
instructions, whisking it over low heat until it was smooth. It was
terrific, although tsokolate eh from Tsoko.Nut was still much better.

Anyway. Little breaks are good for sanity. Maybe we’ll hook up the
headsets later so that we could be doing things separately but still
prompt each other to relax. My cellphone plan has unlimited incoming
anyway, and he can use his home line to call for free. I guess
Canada’s telecom pricing was *just* right after all…

Random Emacs symbol: w3m-halfdump-command-arguments – Variable: Arguments passed to the w3m command to run “halfdump”.

Whew! Midterms done

I’m not too happy with my performance on the midterms, but there’s no
use worrying about it now. I’m surviving this crazy month!

I’m so tempted to write down each milestone on index cards just for
the visceral satisfaction of tearing them up once I’m finished with

Ah, what the heck. I have plenty of index cards. MWAHAHA! Let me write
down “MIE1402 Midterm” just so that I can tear it up! ;)