October 17, 2006

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CAS Dublin

The CAS Dublin team linked up through videoconferencing. The speaker
highlighted four key fields: high performance computing, software
engineering, visualization, and computational analytics and language.
He presented awards for best paper and best student paper.

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Technical co-chairs

Eleni and Hakan joked a bit about their ethnic origins (Greek and
Turkish), gave a few statistics for paper submissions, and announced
the best papers. Ooh, Ian Bull gets a Lenovo Thinkpad for having the
best Student Paper!

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Address from Christian Couturier, NRC

Christian Couturier spoke about the importance of ICT and rattled off
a number of areas that would not be possible without ICT. He also
thanked those who helped make the conference a reality.

Introduced technical program co-chairs:

  • Eleni Stroulia, University of Alberta
  • Hakan Erdogmus, National Research Council, Canada

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Address from Martin Wildberger

Martin Wildberger opened by reexamining IBM’s motto, “Innovation that
matters”. One of the key things we struggle with is making sure that
what we do matters, and one of the ways to do that is through
collaboration. CAS is about meeting of minds of industry and academe
to germinate ideas.

Wildberger also commended Kelly Lyons, who heads the CAS program for
the Toronto Lab. Last night in Winnipeg, the CAS program received a
very prestigious award: the NSERC Leo Derikx Award for Synergy.

He showed a video clip from last night’s awarding ceremony. (Hey! That
was my desk! Kelly and Luanne borrowed my desk! <laugh> You can
tell – my e-mail address is actually readable for a second…)

He then went on to thank NRC and introduce Christian Couturier,
Director General of the Institute for Information Technology, National
Research Council Canada.

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Waiting for the keynote

I am seated front and center for the CASCON keynote, having decided to
run off my laptop battery so that I don’t have to sit near the edges
of the room.

My jeans are spattered with mud (and possibly cement) from the
construction site that I had to walk through in order to get to the
Hilton. The pouring rain wasn’t kind to me, either, and there was an
appalling lack of sunlight at 7:30 in the morning. I guess winter is

Despite that, I am here. In one piece. And suitably well-fed. I may
yet survive the day.

I’ve put up Alvin’s poster in the technology showcase. Mine doesn’t
look so intimidatingly empty after all, what with the provided signs.
If I have to, I can just handwave.

Ah, there’s another thing I forgot to do: print out something
interesting for the back of my laptop. And print business cards. The
lab printer’s broken, so I didn’t get to print them last night.

It begins.