December 11, 2006

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Christmas letter prioritization

Hmm. The prospect of sending a Christmas letter / annual report to 500+ people is a little overwhelming. Granted, some of those are getting-back-in-touch letters. I'm going to have to prioritize people into must-send and optional. I will still be addressing the letters by hand, after all!

I think I'll write out my letter long-hand and have it photocopied. I think I'll lay out a few pictures or perhaps use my icon or a malong pic - something that will photocopy well in black and white. No sense in just printing the darn thing. Too boring. I may as well e-mail it, but there's no point in that, either. ;)

I might also have to divide this into stuff to send from the US/Canada and stuff to send from the Philippines.

Okay. There are around a hundred people I *really* should mail or else I will be a delinquent friend... Mindboggling, isn't that?

I'm going to have to e-mail people tomorrow to confirm their postal addresses. Emacs to the rescue, you bet!

Random Emacs symbol: w3m-http-url-path - Function: Path of the HTTP-URL.