December 13, 2006

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Twenty-three years and two strikeouts

You just can't win them all, I guess. As warm and fuzzy as other people feel about me, there are people who would really rather not hear from me again. I've tried pinging them a few times, but now I'm getting definite get-out-of-my-life replies. I might check back in another decade. In one case, I really messed up, but that's part of life. I didn't hurt him as much as I hurt some other people before, who had forgiven me and come around to being one of my best friends. In another case, I don't understand what he's having such a hard time with, but oh well.

At the very least, this is a good way to learn how to deal with rejection. I need to develop a thick skin, anyway. And as Kathy Sierra said in Creating Passionate Users, until or unless you're willing to risk passionate hate, you may never feel the love.

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