December 26, 2006

Another day, another sunrise

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This time from a watersports resort said to be the best in the world
for wakeboarding. I’ll give it a shot, although I haven’t worn my
swimsuit in ages…

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Slowly but surely making progress

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Goal: inbox zero by New Year!

This will be somewhat easier if I don’t check mail between now and then, of course… ;)

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From the Freeciv AI documentation

December 26, 2006 - Categories: geek

The code base used to be in a bad shape but it has gotten a lot
better. The reason for this is that the developer (Syela) who in a
few months put together a working AI had suddenly disappeared. His
bright ideas could only be matched by his inability to name variables
and to comment the code. Subsequent AI developers were not brave (or
stupid?) enough to start from scratch, taking instead a small bite
here and there, trying hard not to break much, to understand Syela’s
original design and only then to throw it away. Or perfect it.

Heh. You gotta love open source docs. They tell it like it is.

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Ay, my sister

December 26, 2006 - Categories: family

So my sister’s drafting a letter to this guy she really likes, and she
ends up explaining her feelings in terms of croissants – plain or with
jam. ;)

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I keep forgetting that I’m on vacation

December 26, 2006 - Categories: life

Me: “So, what are we doing today?”

Mom: “Nothing.”

<brain implodes>

Hmm. Maybe I should meditate a little bit before going to the next
item on my TODO list… ;)

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A year in review: Emacs

December 26, 2006 - Categories: emacs, pimpmyemacs

Over the last five months, I’ve added all sorts of code to my Emacs to
make it a contact relationship management system that fills the
salespeople I know with envy. =)

  1. 2006.07.20#1: Emacs BBDB magic: Greeting people with nicknames
  2. 2006.07.24#1: Emacs: Automating the insertion of text
  3. 2006.08.10#3: Sharing the link love
  4. 2006.08.30#3: My Big Brother Database and social networking sites
  5. 2006.09.01#2: Emacs: Keep track of messages sent
  6. 2006.09.01#3: More Emacs coolness: List of contacts
  7. 2006.09.01#4: More Emacs fun: Composing mail to everyone with notes
  8. 2006.09.02#1: More Emacs goodness: Refresh your memory when you e-mail using notes from BBDB
  9. 2006.09.15#2: Emacs: Changing the font size on the fly
  10. 2006.09.15#3: Emacs clinic at the Linux Caffe
  11. 2006.09.28#2: Emacs + LinkedIn: Another totally idiosyncratic bit of code
  12. 2006.09.28#3: Emacs: Show only people whom I haven’t pinged since…
  13. 2006.09.28#4: Emacs: BBDB rapid serial visualization
  14. 2006.09.28#5: Emacs: Animation in presentations
  15. 2006.09.29#2: Emacs BBDB: Filtering tags with the power of lambda expressions
  16. 2006.09.29#8: Emacs BBDB: Prioritize exact matches
  17. 2006.10.02#10: Crazy idea for Emacs: Random Emacs taglines
  18. 2006.10.02#11: Crazy Emacs: Personalized signatures with random taglines
  19. 2006.10.04#1: Developing a better sense of time
  20. 2006.10.04#2: Emacs Gnus hack: Prioritize based on the number of recipients
  21. 2006.10.11#4: Emacs: Hideshow
  22. 2006.10.12#3: Emacs: Quick way to collect references
  23. 2006.10.12#4: Emacs and a British voice
  24. 2006.10.23#1: Excited about my DemoCamp presentation!
  25. 2006.10.27#4: Keeping track of the age of messages
  26. 2006.11.02#2: Contact report
  27. 2006.12.12#2: Personal contact relationship management

On Technorati: ,

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Thoughts on life

December 26, 2006 - Categories: life

My favorite blog posts

December 26, 2006 - Categories: blogging

Here are my other favorite blog posts:

  1. 2006.01.07#2: Things every geek should know
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  13. 2006.06.25#4: What’s the value proposition of a student?
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  25. 2006.09.06#2: Break glass in case of emergency: For homesickness
  26. 2006.09.28#6: Conference Commando: Networking with Nametags
  27. 2006.09.29#4: Networking: Create value with your business cards
  28. 2006.09.30#2: Capsule summary
  29. 2006.10.13#1: Wow.
  30. 2006.10.20#2: Notes from CASCON2006: Passion is the key to Web 2.0
  31. 2006.10.24#1: Democamp a blast! Blew their brains to bits
  32. 2006.10.30#2: Activity ideas, or Spending-time-with-Sacha-HOWTO
  33. 2006.11.19#3: Nov 13 to Nov 19
  34. 2006.11.21#1: Dinner with a technology evangelist
  35. 2006.11.25#2: Woohoo! Global organization for technology evangelists!
  36. 2006.12.14#1: Kudos to Kevin Magee: sales and networking tips

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Back from wakeboarding

December 26, 2006 - Categories: family

We spent the afternoon at the Camsur Watersports Complex. My sisters
and I tried wakeboarding. Now I can barely raise my arms, and it’s
such a good thing that I brought my Twiddler one-handed keyboard…

Wakeboarding was tons of fun. We started with kneeboards, kowtowing
close to the water. I found it a bit difficult to navigate the cable
course without eyeglasses or contact lenses. I nearly made it first
time around, but I wiped out on the last leg of the circuit because I
couldn’t see the buoys. I swam to the side and waited for the golf
cart to pick me up. Then I was back in line for another try. After
several tries, I finally got the hang of the course. I learned where I
needed to brace myself for the sudden slack and jerk as the cable
changed directions. My sister Ching teased me about the fact that I
stuck with the kneeboard instead of trying the waterskis as soon as I
could, but I figured that becoming familiar with the course and the
feeling of gliding over water was a good idea—and it was.

I eventually graduated to the water skis. After two faceplants right
in front of the launching pad, I figured out how to crouch. I even
made it all the way around, coming in almost standing. Yay!

I couldn’t get the hang of starting on the wakeboard, though. I always plowed into the water. Maybe tomorrow.

I remember coasting along on my skateboard behind Jed’s bike, pulled by a power cord we scavenged from discarded electronics on the street. That was tons of fun, too. And picking myself up after faceplanting on that hill… Yup, that’s me, getting back in line after clearing the water from my nose!

Wish my usual adventure buddies were here. I know they’d love it too!

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