January 29, 2007

Bulk view

Sorted out my pictures!

I started using kphotoalbum to manage my pictures. I’m
impressed! Now that I’ve annotated my pictures, it’s so easy to export
all the pictures *and* pull out a set of all the pictures with people
in them (! No persons) for larger prints.

Hmmm. Ideas, ideas…

Random Emacs symbol: gnus-article-strip-all-blank-lines – Command: Strip all blank lines.

Yay! Sorted out my pictures for 2006!

I’m (mostly) done with my pictures for 2006. I have pictures for the
first ten months, and they’re all annotated by people, location, and
keywords… =D

Random Emacs symbol: c-indent-line – Function: Indent the current line according to the syntactic context,