February 5, 2007

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I can afford to raise my rent

Is the experience of being able to live on my own worth the loss of a little compound interest? I haven't parked that money in long-term high-growth investments. I think the experience will be a good investment, and getting into it earlier rather than later will ease my transition.

Hmm. Okay, target: move out in April with all the rest of the students, unless I can find a nice place already. Should ask Graduate House when I can move out.

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They’re just material things…

... and I shouldn't get attached to them, but it's frustrating coming back to find stuff missing: two of my Corelle bowls, three of my saucers, five of my mugs...

The suitemate who habitually took my china out of the suite not only is no longer here, but was also the one who gave me such a hard time before.

I want my own place.

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