February 14, 2007

Bulk view

No flights into New York today…

… and flying in tomorrow’s not going to be nearly as much fun, so
I’d rather fly some other time. S’okay – much to be done over here

Random Emacs symbol: calendar-read – Function: Return an object read from the minibuffer.

At the terminal

My 6:30 AM flight to New York got cancelled because of the snow. I’ve
been rebooked onto the next available flight at 3:15 PM. I don’t mind
spending a day in the airport terminal, and it would be even better if
I can find myself a conveniently-placed power outlet to plug into…
AHA! What do you know: one right by the restaurant table I’ve
sequestered as my office for the day.

OKAY. We’re set!

I just have to text or call Don Marti so that he knows not to expect
me before dinner. I’d have preferred to be there for the first day of
the conference, but if life really wants to drive home the lesson that
you fly in early the *DAY BEFORE* in order to guard against stuff like
this, that’s okay. I’ve paid my tuition for this lesson, and I’m
learning more about how to deal with little things like that…

I’m going to get so much mail and writing done today!