March 1, 2007

All of my books are once again balanced…

March 1, 2007 - Categories: finance

After a little bit of a struggle getting my ledger to perfectly match
the financial accounts kept by the school, I’ve balanced my books in
anticipation of clearing the financial account at schoool.

I probably shouldn’t enjoy fiddling with my finances this much, but
it’s *nice* to know that all the numbers add up. It really is rather
nice to know.

Now that I know how the next few months are going to be funded, I can
also remove the earmarking work-arounds.

Then I can take my current cash position and divide it into virtual
envelopes for an emergency fund, my moving expenses, contingency plans
for tuition, charity, and proper savings.

Yay. =)

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Freezing rain

March 1, 2007 - Categories: canada

Freezing rain was forecast for this afternoon. I made it all the way
out to IBM, but upon hearing from Quinn that even Torontonians were
calling it an early day and heading home, I decided not to stick
around. Good decision – the weather outside my window is horrible,
switching from snowflakes blown about by wind to driving rain and back
to snow again. Cold and wet is a terrible combination. I am staying
firmly indoors, wearing a brightly dyed malong and wishing I were back
in my tropical Philippines.

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OMG, found my sofa

March 1, 2007 - Categories: life

Bean bag sofas that turn into beds!

That so rocks. That would be *perfect.*

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Furniture decisions

March 1, 2007 - Categories: life

After much reflection on what I want to do and how I want to go about
it, I’ve decided to go with floor cushions and square coffee tables.
This provides maximum flexibility, particularly considering how I
enjoy board games. I can get the black or black-brown Lack square
tables from Ikea.

I’m not particularly keen on any of the floor pillows I’ve seen in
online stores. I think the best bet would be for me to buy floor
pillow inserts, raid Goodwill for computer-related and other T-shirts,
and make simple covers from that. Plus points if I can borrow Leigh’s
sewing machine; if not, I can use hemming tape or safety pins
temporarily. It’ll be funny and personalized. Chic. And it’ll be a
good use of all those conference T-shirts that never fit me anyway…
I’m going to change my T-shirt preferences to XXL. ;) Or I could put
plain fabric on it and get people to sign it with markers…

Now I just have to find a source for large floor pillows. Mwahaha!

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Wish my parents were here…

March 1, 2007 - Categories: family

My mom would be so fun company while decorating, and my dad would
probably try to buy everything in the shop. I can just imagine it now:
“Papa, I don’t need a television stand. I don’t have a TV!” “We can
fix that too!” “But I don’t watch TV!” “Get one anyway, you never
know.” “Auuggh!” =) Fortunately my mom would have the good sense to
point out things I really do need but might not think of (broom,

Ah, life on the opposite side of the world…

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