August 5, 2007

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Weekly review

This week

Send thesis draft to people, really. Done.
Check paperwork requirements for post-graduate work permit and start compiling them. Started
Revise CASCON paper. Done.
Do one week + one advance post for Booksnake. Done. Pretty handy…
Plan birthday event, really. Bah.
Touch IBM blogosphere. Done.
Swim. Done.
Pay rent and balance books. Done.
Learn about sales. Done.

Other accomplishments:

  • Got on Second Life.
  • Tried out scripting: built interview bot.
  • Read five books; three of them were worth it.
  • Attended birthday celebrations for W-.
  • Hung out with Steve.
  • Went to Yoga for Geeks.
  • Drafted blogging presentation.

Next week:

  • Prepare presentation for thesis defense.
  • Defend thesis.
  • Write and mail birthday letter.
  • Choose driving school.
  • Go to Toronto Circus School drop-in trapeze lessons.

Random Emacs symbol: term-how-many-region – Function: Return number of matches for REGEXP from BEG to END.

Moving back to PCFinancial

I think I’ll move back to PCFinancial for my banking. I don’t think
I’ll need any financial statements for my future paperwork. The hassle
of getting financial statements was the main reason I moved most of my
banking to TD, but the bank fees and lower interest rates of TD’s
savings account make it somewhat less than worth it. If I can set up
an electronic link between my PC account and my credit card…

… after I start working, I think.

Random Emacs symbol: ses-mode – Command: Major mode for Simple Emacs Spreadsheet.