August 12, 2007

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Fitness landscapes

I have a good reflection to share which uses the idea of fitness
landscapes, but it will need to wait until tomorrow. It deserves some
thought. Key idea: sometimes, you need to get worse before you can get

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Cream meringue tart cockaigne

Finally, a chance to sit down after one solid morning of baking! We
made cream meringue tart cockaigne and devil’s food cake cockaigne,
both from the first edition of the Joy of Cooking. The cream meringue
collapsed a little bit when we took it out of the oven, but the
meringue tasted yummy. I can’t wait to add the strawberry whipped
cream filling. I’ll practice baking this cake until I can do it
consistently well. It was W-‘s third time to make the devil’s food
cake. The cake came out beautifully thanks to the spring-loaded pans.
I’ll insist on using those pans the next time I bake a cake. ;)

I know that I can get prettier cakes from any supermarket, but those
cakes won’t have stories baked into them. Cooking is a terrific hobby.
It not only keeps me busy and learning, but also increases the
pleasures of eating and entertaining. It’s a good way to develop my
ability to track multiple things and to adjust when something doesn’t
turn out according to plan. It’s a hobby that will grow with me. I’m
looking forward to finding out what I’ll be like when I’m seventy!

Getting back to the two cakes: I don’t know how many people will come
later, or at what time they’ll arrive. But at 3:00, we’re going to
assemble, cut, and serve the cakes, because *we* definitely want them.

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