October 2, 2007

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okay, so what’s involved in this trapeze thing?

i like watching the other students. i would like to be able to do the
kinds of stuff they do, someday. or at least simple things that look
elegant. and i want to develop upper-body and core strength,
coordination, and a terrific story. ;)

so, what do i need?

gah. all of the above.

maybe i’ll go to trapeze once a week and spend two to three times a
week working on core and strength. the jungle gym near the house will
help me develop calluses, at least until it freezes over. i need to do
more crunches and pushups, too, until i can eventually graduate to

we have a plan.

Random Emacs symbol: custom-initialize-safe-set – Function: Like `custom-initialize-set’, but catches errors.

Can’t type

my palms are wide awake and revolting. just came back from trapeze
lessons. lots of fun. have a long way to go. good teacher—very
supportive. odd that i like this more than krav. good practice in
facing terror and working through it. looking forward to developing
calluses. skin shiny.

kudos to w- for coming with me to help me feel safe, and to j- for
giving it a shot.

next week, work on calluses.

Random Emacs symbol: compilation-setup – Function: Prepare the buffer for the compilation parsing commands to work.

Switched to PCFinancial for savings

I sent a void check to PCFinancial to set up a link between
PCFinancial and TD. I followed up on the phone today, and the link was
created. Now I can transfer funds between my PCFinancial accounts and
my TD checking account.

This means I can move all the money I formerly had in my TD savings
account into my PCFinancial savings account without dealing with
checks. I don’t mind a hold on funds if they’re going straight into my
savings account. I can also transfer funds from PCFinancial to TD in
order to pay off my credit card without having to go to the bank and
deposit a check myself.

I need to follow up with PC in six months to get shorter holds on my
deposits, which I could have set up last year if I thought about it.

Slowly figuring this out. It doesn’t hurt that PC upped its savings
rate to 4.25%. =)

Random Emacs symbol: gnus-summary-low-ticked – Face: Face used for low interest ticked articles.

Emacs and Google Calendar; writing for a moving target

While searching for Emacs calendar sync, I came across Bill Clementson’s post on Emacs and Google Calendars. He showed how to use the Emacs Client for Google Services to add items to the Google calendar and to the local diary file at the same time. I might look into that.

The WickedCoolEmacs book may take a little more work than expected. I
want to include not only what’s already out there, but what logically
makes sense to include—and that might take some hacking on my part as
well. With a little over a year to go before my deadline, I’m sure
that Emacs will also move quite a bit. I think the best thing to do is
to divide my outline into:

  • Built-in packages that I have personal experience with
  • External packages I have personal experience with
  • Built-in packages I need to learn about
  • External packages I need to learn about
  • Built-in packages I need to tinker with
  • External packages I need to tinker with
  • Stuff I have to write from scratch

If I can get all the low-hanging fruit during my first pass, then I
can go back and re-edit the chapters to include more.

Random Emacs symbol: ebnf-print-directory – Command: Generate and print a PostScript syntactic chart image of DIRECTORY.


Now that I’ve taken a closer look at it, I can see that planner-appt’s
much cooler than the little hacks I’d been using to keep track of my
schedule. I’m still not sure if I need a separate schedule section,
because I’ve gotten used to managing my appointments in my task list.
It’s nice to know that the option is there, though, and I like how
color-coding makes it easy to see which appointments are past and
which ones are coming up.

Here’s my config for planner-appt.el:

;;;_+ Appointments
(require 'planner-appt)
(setq planner-appt-update-appts-on-save-flag t)
(setq planner-appt-sort-schedule-on-update-flag t)
(setq planner-appt-schedule-cyclic-behavior 'future)
(setq planner-appt-task-use-appointments-section-flag t)

I wonder how I can go about exporting my appointments… <muse>

Random Emacs symbol: x-uses-old-gtk-dialog – Function: Return t if the old Gtk+ file selection dialog is used.