October 21, 2007

Weekly review

October 21, 2007 - Categories: weekly

This week, I focused on getting on board at IBM. I’m happy to say that
the process was very smooth, and I’m now deep in work doing things I
love to do for a project that I believe in. How lucky is that?
<grin> I love my work!

I’m also happy with my work-life balance. I’ve been able to do good
work *and* enjoy a good home life as well. I don’t feel that I’m
losing out at all. This feels sustainable, and that’s important. As I
tweak parts of my day, I’ll be able to free up more time and
brainspace for personal projects.

I went to trapeze lessons last Tuesday. The class was fun. I think
I’ll move my trapeze lessons to Friday so that I can make my week a
little more relaxed.

Richard Eriksson was in town, so I
invited him over for tea and loaded him with little gifts for Quinn.
It was nice to chat with him again. =) I also had tea with
Driss Benzakour, braindumping a whole
bunch of job search tips from my recent experience.

Goals for next week:

  • Monday: Organize information, plan external blog, plan podcast, library run
  • Tuesday: CASCON presentation, meeting with Gordon Lee, Emacs blog entry
  • Wednesday: CAS dinner? Double-check
  • Thursday: Dogear podcast script, audio, Emacs blog entry
  • Friday: Dogear podcast video
  • Saturday: Write three pages for book
  • Sunday: Write another three pages for book

Random Emacs symbol: cdr – Function: Return the cdr of LIST. If arg is nil, return nil.

Eshell redirection

October 21, 2007 - Categories: emacs, pimpmyemacs

Mike Mattie has this awesome Emacs tip for
Eshell: redirecting to buffers and Lisp symbols!

To overwrite buffer “foo”:

ls > #<buffer foo>

To append to buffer “foo”:

ls >> #<buffer foo>

To insert at point in buffer “foo”:

ls >>> #<buffer foo>

To redirect to a Lisp symbol:

ls >#'some-variable

I had no idea Emacs could do that. Cool!

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E-Mail from Mike Mattie

Random Emacs symbol: ps-extend-face-list – Function: Extend face in ALIST-SYM.

Thanks to David Ongaro for catching that!