I enjoyed this year's Halloween more than the first two I'd spent in Canada. I had spent both previous Halloweens in Graduate House, and while graduate students can be quite creative in their costumes and adept in their impersonations, it doesn't quite have the same feel as handing lollipops and chocolate bars to kids. (Even the teenagers who really should just buy their own candy! ;) )

And what a perfect evening, too. Just the right temperature, even for me. (Granted, I had a shawl.) Everyone was chatting. Halloween's a surprisingly good time to practice talking to other people. I managed to say "Happy Halloween" with warmth dozens of times in a row! (Although I get the feeling it's not really a happy-greeting kind of holiday... bah, who cares!)

Dressing up was fun, too. W- helped J- make a halo, wings, and robe for her angel costume. J- sewed the robe herself, though! =) Industrious girl. As for me, I felt like Reyna Elena, resplendent in my white terno with a flowing skirt and petticoat. J- lent me a tiara, and W- draped a (color-coordinated) throw around my shoulders to keep me warm.

Our outfits drew plenty of comments, and the Tux penguin pumpkin I made also got a few knowing smiles and short conversations from passers-by. =) Little unique touches... <grin>

Next year, we're going to make it even more wonderful. We might make a charred skeleton, following instructions on the Net. I'll probably pick up doggie treats, too. A number of people were walking their dogs. One had a particularly cute pug with a spider costume. That one definitely deserved a treat! I'm also looking forward to getting to know more of the neighbors. That felt nice. =)

Happy Halloween. Kids think of it as Free Candy Day, and I think of it as Free Chatting day. =) Hope your Halloween was fun, too!

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