November 3, 2007


November 3, 2007 - Categories: cooking

W- and J- made homemade pizza today. It was amazing. Just the right level of crunchiness, with none of the oily or heavy feelings I sometimes get after eating pizza-chain pizza... Yummy. I'm so lucky that W- has so much fun cooking. I'm going to take over the kitchen at least once this week, though! <laugh>

I remembered the pizza buns my mom used to make us for breakfast. I loved those too: English muffins or toast spread with tomato sauce, topped with cheese and a dash of paprika, maybe a few pineapple chunks... Yummy! What is it about this combination of tastes that just fills you right up and makes you feel at home?

Happy happy happy. =)

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November 3, 2007 - Categories: life

"Okay, I'm going off shopping now. See you later!" I said.

"Five hours, then?" W- laughed, and so did I.

He must've come up with that number through lots of experience, because it did take me roughly five hours to go through all of Eaton Centre and the Bay. I found one pair of black pants, two cashmere sweaters, and five blouses that I actually liked (three white, one red, one black), which was a pretty odd thing because I usually can't find anything with clean and simple lines. Anyway, now my wardrobe's kitted out with more long-sleeved shirts suitable for the workplace, and planning a week of clothes should be much easier.

I also picked up a set of fuzzy pink pajamas. Yay!

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