November 9, 2007

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I like working from home. I set up my work laptop together with my
personal laptop as something of a dual monitor setup. I kept a pitcher
of water close by, and I stayed well-hydrated. The programmed breaks
that help me maintain energy throughout the day were suddenly more
productive. Instead of stretching and walking around the office for
three minutes every hour (to prevent RSI and maintain my energy
level), I did jumping jacks and pushups and step-ups. Try doing that
at 120 Bloor!

Another thing that worked out well was working longer hours during the
week in order to end Friday earlier. I needed to pick up my
convocation tickets during office hours, so I worked late during the
first part of the week.

I was thrilled to have a conversation with a potential mentor, too.
More about this soon!

And we baked tonight, too. I made pizza with bacon and green pepper,
W- made a calzone with three cheeses and olives. The calzone was
*gorgeous*. The sprinkled dried oregano contrasted beautifully with
the gradients of the golden crust, while the highlights and shadows
emphasized the fluting along the edges. Unfortunately it… err…
disappeared before we thought of taking pictures of it. ;) We’ll just
have to make it again!

Wonderful, wonderful day.

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Kaizen: Tweaking my schedule

What’s the best way to spend your day?

Today I experimented with my schedule again. Instead of waking up at 6
and heading to work early, or waking up at 7 and heading to work on
time, I woke up at 5:30, spent some time working on my book, and then
started work. It helped that I worked from home, too. It was just a
matter of switching to my work context at 9, and I hit the ground
running because my brain was warmed up and already in creative mode.

How can I improve this? I’m going to try waking up even earlier. I’ll
move it gradually, so tomorrow I’ll try 5:15. I hope that this will
translate into more creative time.

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