November 22, 2007

Bulk view

First accumulated snowfall

When I opened the door this morning to freezing rain and accumulated snowfall on the ground, I nearly turned around and walked back in. W- gave me a big warm hug, which is good because sometimes I have very few other reasons to put up with this weather.

The subway was packed packed packed, and I left my lunch bag on the eastbound train. =(

Time to dust off the parkas and bring out the toques. Winter is here.

Not everything is gloomy. I'm looking forward to toasting my toes near the fireplace and warming my lap with, well, a computer. ;) It's time to bake lasagna and make hearty soups, time to fill the house with the comforting aroma of chocolate chip cookies when J- is out and peanut butter cookies when she's in. I'm looking forward to tobogganing down the slopes of High Park, too. I guess that'll be my winter sport—that, and enjoying hot chocolate!

I still think the Philippines does Christmas better, but at least winter gets a little bit easier to manage each year...

I really want to work out this working from home bit.

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Manage from your calendar, not from your task list

While reading other blogs, I came across this nugget: Manage your life from the calendar, not the to-do list. Sally McGhee, author of "Take Back Your Life!" (one of the few Microsoft Press books on my bookshelf), has some pretty good ideas there.

What does managing from the calendar mean? Well, I've got a large and growing task list, just as everyone does. But I have to think about that task list in terms of _my_ priorities and in terms of _my_ time. I have just the same amount of time as everyone else does, and I can't add to it. So one of my most important tasks is to choose which tasks I want to spend time on, and that depends on the kind of person I want to become. What tasks do you spend your time on?

Something to think about while you check out the rest of the great interview post on Matt's Idea Blog.