February 13, 2007

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I occasionally forget to drink enough water, particularly when a lot
of things are happening at the same time. Sometimes I need help
remembering, and sometimes I need help dealing with what happens when
I don’t remember…

Simon and I chatted after I got back from having dinner with a
Microsoft evangelist. I couldn’t talk for long, though. I needed to
nap. I meant to nap for twenty minutes. I woke up two hours later with
a bad case of cramps, eyes too dry to keep open, and a serious
inclination to stay under the covers and sleep. I texted Simon about
my worries that I’d be often sick alone in the new apartment, and he
called to insist on coming over and taking care of me.

I don’t know whether it was the thermal pack he heated up, the glass
of water he always kept full, or the hugs and the smiles he gave me,
but I felt much less miserable. I’m glad he got to do a little bit of
work, too. He left when my roommate came in so that he wouldn’t
disturb her, but it was nice getting pampered. =)

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Help getting on my feet = priceless

Last Sunday, I showed W- Young the
apartment I’m planning to rent. He’ll sign the contract as my
guarantor, so he should get to see what I’m renting. He’s a lot more
experienced than I am at evaluating places, The place had his
approval, which made me feel a lot better. His daughter also approved
of it, as the closet made a good hiding place. I owe him *big time*
for helping me begin the process of settling into Canada. I don’t know
how I could do it without his help!

After I showed him the place, he taught me how to make tonkatsu. While
we were making tonkatsu, I introduced his daughter to
Cute Overload. (Cute overload!) Then we
played Brain Age on the Nintendo DS, which was tons of fun and which
made me want to write my own version for my Vaio. (I should be able to
get something like that going…)

It was a wonderfully relaxing Sunday evening. I’m so glad to share my
life with people like them. =)

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Crafting day at the Gorey

Last Saturday was crafting day at The Gorey, where Quinn, Jed and
Leigh live. I created three pieces: a 3-strand faux rose pearl
bracelet with a magnetic clasp, a pair of chandelier earrings with
diodes, and a necklace with bells and seed beads to match the Ifugao
belt that I had turned into earmuffs. I’ll post pictures after I get
back from New York and finish move number one.

I like crafting. I can create exactly what I want instead of combing
stores until I find someone who’s quirky in just the same way as I
am… =)

Crafting with friends is even more fun! Quinn taught Alex and Eric how
to knit, and we spent a lazy Saturday afternoon just chatting over our
respective hobbies. Good stuff.

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