April 27, 2007

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Okay, I can stop working now!

<laugh> Fine, I’ve done enough for the day, time to relax. I’ll
get to go to krav later, yay!

Random Emacs symbol: interprogram-cut-function – Variable: Function to call to make a killed region available to other programs.

Javascript workaround

Scone interferes with some of the AJAX goodness I use. I think this is
because it overrides the onLoad event. BodyEventAdder is supposed to
recognize parameters, but the Google Maps plugin uses Javascript and
addCodeToFunction to add the code, and somehow that’s not getting picked up.

Aha! Workaround: override the function that ym4r was using to insert
the Google Maps code and get it to write out a named Javascript
function instead. Add this named function to the body tag. Everyone happy.


I also have to figure out how to get it to log AJAX events. I can
reconstruct it from the processed requests if I have to, I guess…

Random Emacs symbol: read-symbol-positions-list – Variable: A list mapping read symbols to their positions.


I was having *such* a hard time figuring out how to set up Scone to do user testing. I knew it came with a plugin that would do practically everything I wanted, but… the documentation was in German!

W- offered to lend me his German language tapes. ;)

After MUCH struggling with it and *lots* of trial and error, though, I eventually figured out where I was supposed to configure the plugin in order to get it to load.

For posterity, here’s how to do it:

  1. Download and unpack Scone from http://www.scone.de.
  2. mysql -u root -p
  3. In the MySQL client, CREATE DATABASE scone
  4. mysql scone -u root -p < setup/sconedb.sql
  5. mysql scone -u root -p < setup/setUserRights.sql
  6. Edit run/config/scone/db.xml and change the database name from Scone to scone.
  7. sh runScone.sh -g
  8. Register plugin: run/setup/wbi/scone.reg
  9. sh runScone.sh -config
  10. Register plugin: scone.usertesttool.UserTestTool
  11. Set your web browser proxy to localhost, port 8088
  12. Visit usertest.scone.de


Random Emacs symbol: browse-url-galeon-new-window-is-tab – Variable: *Whether to open up new windows in a tab or a new window.