January 15, 2008

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Planning a talk! =) “”Networking 2.0: Blogging Your Way Out of a Job… and into a Career”

So it looks like I might be talking at the next Concordia University alumni event. Wouldn’t that be cool? Thanks to Ian Garmaise and Cheryl Morris for the referrals! Here’s the short description of my talk:

You know that networking is important to success. Now learn how to use blogs to connect with other people for both personal and business benefits, in both extrovert- and introvert-friendly ways. In this highly interactive two-hour workshop, you will learn how blogs can help you keep track of your accomplishments, discover and express your passion, connect with other people, demonstrate your character and competence, build your reputation, grow your network, and advance your career. You’ll learn about the challenges that come with having a public image, but also the rewards that may follow. You’ll develop a plan for getting started and connections that will get richer over time.

and a quick bio (eh, writing in third person):

Sacha Chua is an intranet social computing consultant with IBM Global Business Services. She earned her M.A.Sc. in human-computer interaction at the University of Toronto in November 2007, and her research was about using Web 2.0 to locate expertise in a large organization. She also has a B.S. Computer Science degree from the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines. And yes, her blog helped convince her (current) manager to create the perfect position for her. In her spare time, she works on a technical book about Emacs, devours stacks of books from the library, and writes on her personal blog at http://sachachua.com.

I love speaking in public. I get a chance to learn so much in the process. =) I love writing, too. It’s funny how those things feed on each other: writing helps me learn and think, speaking gets the message out there and helps me make it more conversational, and that in turn gives me more to write about…

Anyway: February 27, 6:00 – 8:00, actual talk 6:30-7:30 or so. It’s going to be mainly for alumni (even though I’m not one! =) ), but stay tuned – I’ll post more notes and maybe even a recording. (And I have to eventually get around to posting my Livin’ la Vida Emacs presentation from DemoCamp. That was absurd amounts of fun.)

Looking forward to it! I’ve been collecting notes for a presentation like that for a while now, and I’m looking forward to telling stories and helping people imagine, plan, and act. =)

… And the MacBook Air, while interesting, doesn’t meet any immediate need (though I look forward to playing with one sometime). I already have a very lightweight laptop, anyway.

says David Singer (Read This Blog).
Yeah, I’m not too impressed either. Then again, I already have an ultraportable. It hasn’t moved much in the last few days, though… Light as it is, bringing it AND a Lenovo T60 would not be fun.
In other news, I’m trying out Newzcrawler as a way to read and blog quickly. I’m not too impressed. You know, if I could just spend some time getting nnrss to work under Emacs…

Not much writing today…

… but I’m glad to report that my mind is calming down a bit. At the very least, I’m getting the hang of just getting something out there.

Oh, wait…

Looks like I managed to write a little over a thousand words anyway. They’re not really all stuck together in an article yet, but they’re snippets and they’re going to come together later on. =)

Getting the hang of this writing thing. =D

My head is buzzing

My head is buzzing. Well no, not like a mosquito. Bouncing around, like a sugar-high rabbit in a cage. My brain is itching to be distracted. Writing feels slow.

I hate this feeling. I want to be in flow. Flow is what happens when you’re in the zone, when you’re concentrating, when things just fit together. I love that feeling, and it frustrates me that I can’t slide into it as easily as I did before. In the meantime, I’ll keep writing, because I’ll eventually get back on track. Whatever I write now can then be edited into something better.

Games threw me off balance. A gameplaying binge last weekend led into games taking over my subway ride, and I have had enough. I had never realized how important my commute was for decompression , or how stretched my brain can feel when it’s trying to go all over the place. Video games are particularly evil because part of their business is to get into your head. Pretty pictures. Random reinforcement. A sense of control, agency. Just like Sesame Street was focus-group-tested within an inch of its life, some games have been refined over years to be surprisingly appealing.

But it all comes down to this: who do I want to be, a Pokemon Master or an author? I want the heightened feelings of flow more than I want the short-term stimulation of games, so even if my thoughts are getting pulled every which way, I’m going to keep dragging them back. In the long run, I’m going to get more satisfaction from that kind of focus than from any game.

In the meantime… Boingboingboingbzzz….