June 30, 2008

Quick weekly report, week ending June 29, 2008

June 30, 2008 - Categories: weekly

Next week, I’m going to write these weekly updates on Friday or something, so they don’t get squeezed into Sunday night. =)

This week:

Next week:

Hooray, figured out Drupal 5 multi-step registration form with validation and invites

June 30, 2008 - Categories: drupal

The validation of multi-step forms in Drupal 5 was much less scary than I thought it would be, or maybe I lucked out by basing my code on something that already worked. =)

I had spent last Thursday and Friday searching the Internet for people’s blog posts about the topic. I came across exact descriptions of the problems I encountered, but no solutions–only notes about critical bugs in Drupal 5. Asking the developers in #drupal didn’t yield any tips, either. They told me to get ready for a world of pain.

Then I remembered that the password-reset module used a multi-step form, and validation actually worked. I had already incorporated part of the source code into one of my modules, and it was easy to extend that example. I defined a new multi-step form in my PHP code as a replacement for the system form in user/register. There were some complications around the fact that other modules modify the behavior of user_register, but I got the code to validate and submit the data. And it worked!

No code snippet, sorry. Too many interactions for me to explain neatly. Some hints:

So now I have a multi-step form that can skip step 1 (employee verification) if a valid invite code is provided, asks for CAPTCHA once, and does all the validation and user registration magic. Hooray!