September 21, 2008

The way I work

September 21, 2008 - Categories: career

I’m giving a presentation on what next generation work can look like for my company, and I need to figure out just what’s different about the way I work compared to the way other people might work. This is difficult because, well, this is the only way I’ve ever worked in IBM! ;) So here are some of the things about the way I work…

(braindumping for an upcoming presentation!)

We’re adopting a cat!

September 21, 2008 - Categories: cat

W- and I are adopting a cat from the Toronto Animal Services shelter. Leia’s a medium-ish-haired black-and-white cat who’s somewhat shy. We’re going to bring her home on Wednesday, after she gets spayed, and we’ll take care of post-operative care.

It was so difficult to choose. I wanted to take them all! After we spent almost an entire afternoon looking at and playing with the various cats, we narrowed it down to a handful – all female cats around two years of age. Iggy was a brown-and-white tabby who purred constantly and loved rubbing her head against you. Sasha was a quiet cat with a classic tabby coat. Leia, the one we eventually chose, was a bit reserved, but used such a variety of sounds: high meows, soft mews, and chirps. And Angel, well, Angel was insane. ;) (Well, probably not clinically insane, but getting there!)

We ended up choosing Leia because she felt like the best fit. I joked that she’s probably like W- and me in cat form: fairly low-key (well, I’m like that when I’m not excited about something ;) ), with a slight build (some cats were huge!), and with a pretty big vocabulary we’re not afraid to use. ;)

I’ll post more pictures when we have her!