October 12, 2008

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Week ending Oct 12


  • IBM’s Innovation Jam was a lot of fun. I focused on it because it was a great opportunity to connect cross IBM and share ideas. I posted more than 200 messages!
  • I still got real work done. Our site users will be able to save searches.
  • Worked on some scenarios for Gen Y banking. Looking forward to Boston workshop.
  • Started on red wool jacket. Outer layer is done.
  • Bought gadgets – Logitech Pro 9000 webcam, Logitech Nano mouse. Both work with Linux.
  • Found a Filipino costume for an upcoming Virtual Cultural Festival in SecondLife.
  • One of my role models left the company. Felt frustrated. Wondering how to make things better. Someday…

Priorities for next week:

  • Mentoring session on Tuesday: ask good questions, learn lots
  • Demo of intranet tools to client VP
  • Flight to Boston for workshop. Whee!

Sewing: Red jacket, V8343

I’m working on a red jacket now. I’ve been meaning to pick up a red jacket, but I’d never found a dark red jacket with clean and simple lines… so now I’m making one. It helped that there was a sale on Vogue sewing patterns, and that I’d stumbled across this deep red wool while W- was picking up fabric for the dining room cushions.

In other news, sketching is so much easier in a vector drawing program where I can edit my mistakes. Thank you, Inkscape!