February 8, 2009

Bulk view

Finally got my new landing page off the ground! =)

I’m starting to get the hang of using Web analytics to look at how people are moving through the site. I’ll go through the numbers in detail, but if you’re in a rush and you just want to check the potential landing page out, I’d love your feedback.

The numbers: Both sachachua.com and livinganawesomelife.com redirect to the front page of this blog, which contains links to all the other pieces. Last month, 1015 people visited this page. About 50% of those people were new to my site. This represents about 7% of the total new visits to the site (I get lots of people coming in through search engines), but that’s still 500 or so people who might be confused by the range of things I write about. Of all the visitors to the front page (including people who’ve been here before), about 166 people followed the “About” link from the home page. Others clicked through the categories I feature along the top.

I’d like to get your feedback on the new site landing page first, before I make it the default. I’m also curious about A/B testing, so if I can figure out how to do that consistently (so that once you’re either A or B you don’t switch unless you want to), that’ll be something cool to learn. =)

Anyway, here’s the potential landing page. It’s Drupal-based, mostly done with unmodified  third-party modules. ;) I’d love your feedback. You’ll also notice that it’s starting to accumulate my reading history. I wrote a Perl script to grab the data from the Toronto Public Library, and it still needs some tweaking to make it more useful. I’ve already started using it to keep track of my notes, but those are private for now. =)


Weekly report – Week ending February 8, 2009

From last week’s plans:

  • LifeCampTO and a dinner party, oh my! That was a lot of fun. Check out my notes and social network analysis.
  • I’m going to bake a pie =) More like apple crumble – the lattice top was a bit too thin. =) Next time, I’ll try a solid top crust, and I’ll double the crust recipe. Mmm!
  • I’ll review all the use cases for work and ask lots and lots of questions Lost my questions when I messed up my Lotus Notes, but that’s okay. Now in development phase! =)
  • I’ll improve the abstract submission process for my conference system Added a couple of fields they asked for, but I’m not sure if we’ll continue with the face-to-face event.

In addition:

  • Had a great conversation with Ted Stanton, Aaron Kim, Will Pate, and Josh Newman about the ROI of Web 2.0, social networking, social network analysis, innovation diffusion, and research
  • Had a great conversation with Jeff Widman about networking, life, and personal outsourcing
  • Had a great conversation with Ida Shessel about networking
  • Rewrote the sponsorship letter for DrupalCampToronto. Another organizer said the new letter was fantastic! All those sales and copywriting books did sink in after all… Next: Learn about delegating and tracking tasks.
  • Stumbled across agreeadate.com in the process of thinking about how to help Katie Bartlett coordinate appointments. Started using it a lot myself.
  • Moved myself over to Google Apps. Have set up a  workflow involving TwitterCal, Emacs, Google Calendar, and Google Apps Calendar.
  • Messed up my system while trying to figure out good way for Windows and Linux to co-exist while presenting. No reliable solution found, so it’s back to slides for the webconference. Actual DrupalCon presentation will be live, though.
  • Ordered books from Chapters, including a book my mom requested
  • Ordered a webcam and had it sent to a family friend in the US, as part of a birthday gift for my mom ;)
  • Set aside money to try outsourcing, and have identified technical task (migrating website and mail). Hiring people on oDesk. Part of birthday gift to Mom

Next week:

  • Attend Drupal Camp Toronto organizers’ meeting, figure out task delegation
  • Give lecture at York University – Schulich Business School on Enterprise 2.0
  • Give talk on Totally Rocking Your Development Environment for the IBM Drupal Users Group
  • Interview people for system administration project