March 23, 2009

Wake up calls

March 23, 2009 - Categories: -Uncategorized

I’m beginning to rather like wake-up calls.

I set up a recurring task in Timesvr to have someone call me at 6:30 every morning with an inspirational quote, the day’s weather, upcoming appointments, and a wish for a great day. This turns out to be surprisingly useful because:

As a result of getting up earlier and with more energy:

What would the wake-up call even better?

Hmm… =D

(Disclaimer: Timesvr link above is an affiliate link. I figure that if I’m going to advertise them for free because I like the service, I might as well get that tracked. Who knows, it might get me better service, or even a credit someday. ;) )

Outsourcing processes: Wake-up call

March 23, 2009 - Categories: process

Here’s my process for my wake-up call:

Every day, at the wake-up time I specified, please:

  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. Sign on to the various boxes as needed.
  3. Call me on my cellphone.
  4. Greet me good morning, tell me the quote of the day and the word of the day, and the weather for today (weather description (sunny? clouds? rain? snow), and both high and low temperatures.
  5. Tell me about my appointments for today.
  6. Tell me about my tasks for the day, and ask if there’s anything else I’d like to add. If so, create new tasks.
  7. Tell me the word for the day and its definition.
  8. Go to and read me the latest assignment. E-mail the assignment to me as well.
  9. Wish me a great day!

Drupal tip: Test mail sending with Devel

March 23, 2009 - Categories: drupal

If you don’t want to send lots of mail to your users when you’re testing your site, change the Devel module’s SMTP Library setting to “Log Only”. Then you can check your log to see all the mail that would’ve been sent. Handy!

To enable this only on your testing server, add the following to that domain’s settings.php:

$conf['smtp_library'] = drupal_get_filename('module', 'devel');