June 15, 2009

Social Recruiting Summit: Awesomest Job Search Ever

June 15, 2009 - Categories: conference, presentation, speaking, web2.0

UPDATE: Here’s the recording! =)

pre-session notes

This is a placeholder for “Awesomest Job Search Ever”, the talk I’m giving at the Social Recruiting Summit today at the Googleplex. It’ll eventually hold notes from the session, and if we’re lucky, a recording and a transcript as well. =)

I plan to tell the story about how I got to do what I do at IBM. The three points I want to make are:

I want to convince recruiters to take the following actions:

Please feel free to leave comments with questions or further thoughts. You can also e-mail me at sacha@sachachua.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!

UPDATE: Susan mentioned that she found one of my presentations. That’s probably this one:

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