July 22, 2009

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Weekly review: Weeks ending July 12, 2009 and July 19, 2009

So behind! Catching up...

From the previous week's plans:
  • travel to Ottawa for planning meeting
  • sort out more Transition2-related bugs
July 6-12:
  • Flew to Ottawa for a quick planning meeting, contributed a fair bit of value
  • Presented "I.B.Millennials" at the IBM Technical Leadership Exchange to 45 people in the North American virtual presentation and 38 people in the Asia/Pacific virtual presentation
  • Kitted out my business travel wardrobe with a Tilley blazer and slacks, yay
July 13-19:
  • Two workshops (New York: session on scenarios, Ottawa: session on emerging trends in web channel delivery) and one virtual presentation (social media and Innovation Discovery) - yay!
  • Lots of travel, getting the hang of it
  • Made pesto from home-grown basil!
Plans for next (this) week:
  • Facilitate idea lab online - going well!
  • Do basic analysis of community participation in idea lab
  • Start with improv classes
  • Have a mentoring chat
  • Learn the second part of Fur Elise