October 19, 2009

Weekly review: Week ending October 18, 2009

October 19, 2009 - Categories: weekly

From last week’s plans:

  • Finish the template invitation for the upcoming idea labs It creates three calendar events that are marked as Available, AND does interesting things with metrics. Hooray!
  • Get the Idea Labs system to a usable state Now I need internal testers
  • Develop a small collection of strong ‘stock’ characters for improv, if that helps Brainstorming emotional initiations (situational and response) helped!
  • Start on my wool skirt Made a surprising lot of progress in one class session. Might finish it this week. I can do slacks for the other two weeks, then, or serge all the things I’ve been meaning to finish.
  • Prepare the garden for winter W-, J-, and I dug up our garden, put in two raised beds edged with spruce planks, and mulched the pathways. Yay!
  • Send the “Remote Presentations That Rock” presentation to the IBM Technical Leadership Exchange organizers
  • Keep on biking instead of letting the cold scare me I got back into the swing of biking to work instead of taking the easy way out and working from home. ;)

I also:

  • Started helping develop the sequel to the women’s leadership program I took
  • Discovered I could draw more than just stick figures
  • Made another batch of biscuits in preparation for the tea party this weekend
  • Helped J- sew and dye a khaki vest for her Halloween costume (she’s going as a zombie roadkilled photographer)
  • Talked to my mom (Internet is back up over there!)
  • Sent some more donations for rebuilding after the typhoons that hit the Philippines (and there are more typhoons on the way =( )
  • Chatted with my sister about shoes (she’s in love with her heels)
  • Packed and froze 8 lunches (mmm, ribs)

Next week’s plans:

  • Work: Set up two idea labs and send invitations, follow up with experts, and write the script/speaker’s notes for my upcoming sessions
  • Relationships: Make lamb curry and freeze lunches for W- and me, host a tea party, start on that sofa wrap
  • Life: Pick up a few things to make fall and winter more bearable, launch The Shy Connector website, post more of my drafted blog posts
  • World: Donate money through the Canadian Red Cross


October 19, 2009 - Categories: kaizen, life

It’s funny how powerful routine is.

Take exercise, for example. If I try to find time for exercise, I’ll do it sporadically. If I make it part of the way I get to work, and I think of it as a cheaper, healthier alternative to taking the subway, then I exercise without needing to make time for it. (Someday, I’ll build in weights, flexibility, and cardio too.)

Or vegetables and fruits: after we switched to making our lunches a week in advance, we found ourselves forgetting to go into the fridge and eat fresh fruits and vegetables, so they spoiled. Now, if I’m hungry when I get home, I make a beeline for the broccoli, and I make that part of our meals. (Which doesn’t preclude, say, raiding the pantry for instant noodles… Mmm…)

I find it helpful to outline my routines for mornings, evenings, and weekends. I leave enough room to be flexible, of course. =) And it’s relaxing to mentally run through my routines for the next day.

Things I need to work back into my routines: writing, sketching, library runs (tend to be weekends), reading…

Maybe this is part of growing up: gradually smoothening the roads you travel, while not getting stuck in ruts.

What are your favourite routines and rituals?