October 21, 2009

Almost a permanent resident! Decisions, decisions…

October 21, 2009 - Categories: Uncategorized

It’s a good thing I checked the status of my permanent residency application online, as the request for my passport had slipped through the cracks of my e-mail. (Must’ve looked spammy.) So I’m in the final stages of my application, hooray! Now I need to send my passport to the Buffalo consulate so that they can stamp my passport, and then I’ll leave Canada and land as a permanent resident.


This is like those logic puzzles I so loved to solve as a kid. ;) (Still do!)

I have two variables to play with here:

So, what are the options?

Looks like the best option is to mail my passport to Buffalo after the training trip. There’s still a risk that I won’t get my passport back in time, but that’s the lowest risk of all the options.

Yay decision trees!