October 4, 2009

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Weekly review: Week ending October 4, 2009

From last week’s plans:

  • Update the market scans for innovations and forces of change. Moved to a lower priority. Instead, working on a facilitator’s guide to running Innovation Discovery workshops.
  • Draft some points to include in The Shy Connector’s Guide to Conferences. Now fleshing out slides and planning the website.
  • Bike some more. Enjoying my new bike computer! Also, picked up another pannier.
  • Attend improv and sewing classes. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it! Lots more energy this time around (my cough is starting to make a retreat), and I had a lot of fun playing with specificity and making assumptions. Now I just have to get used to doing that faster. Sewing: Made a drawstring bag easily. Learned a tip for making accurate folds – stick pins through the folding line, and then fold along the pins.

I also:

  • Tried more ready-to-eat meals for our emergency kit. Oatmeal is good. Uncle Ben’s Brown Rice is okay. The curried chickpeas we had were a little spicy (although the package did say medium). The Stagg Chili was good too.
  • Watched a movie with W- and J-.
  • Attended Wendy Koslow’s birthday party and chatted with a couple of interesting new people. I should have a tea party–maybe two or three weeks from now?
  • Cut out the pieces for my wool skirt. Wondering if I can get more of the matching wool so that I can make another asymmetric blazer
  • Had a great chat with my manager about career planning
  • Thought about what I want to do
  • Do some work on next The Shy Connector presentation =)

Next week, I plan to:

  • Create the facilitator guide
  • Attend improv and sewing classes. Improv: get the hang of assumptions. Sewing: Make zippered pouch.
  • Watch an improv show
  • Celebrate a nice, quiet Thanksgiving weekend with W-

Seeing in three dimensions

The last few movies I’ve watched in an actual movie theatre have been in 3D. Whenever I see the opening sequences, I still can’t help but think, “Wow. The future is here.”

It seems that most 3D movies are kids’ movies, which is perfectly all right with me because I like watching those too. Today, we watched “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” If you haven’t guessed by now, I have a soft spot for nerds. Nerds in love? Even better.

As it turns out, watching a 3D movie with lots of kids in the audience was actually quite fun. The sheer wonder they couldn’t help but share made me smile. This was perhaps the first 3D movie for many of them, and there’s something magical about seeing _into_ the screen for the first time.

Even though I’ve watched many movies in different formats, I’m still amazed by it all. I appreciate it for different reasons than I did as a kid. Now, I think of moving pictures and the persistence of vision; of polarization, depth perception and 3D images; storytelling and plot devices. I see the advances in computer animation overlaid with different cinematic techniques. Over time, I may learn to appreciate movies within genres and place films in the context of the director’s work.

But today, when the 3D movie started, I still closed one eye, then switched to the other, and then went “Wow.”