November 6, 2009

Garden plans for 2010

November 6, 2009 - Categories: gardening


Here’s how we’re thinking of using the raised beds we built. I might interplant some radishes between the tomatoes and strawberries, too.

There’s also a small section which is not in a raised bed. I’ll probably use that to grow more basil, and I hope the lavender I’ve left out there will come back next year.

No more zucchini. Not only did we not get any un-nibbled zucchini off it, but the plants took over the side of the garden. <laugh> Also no more of those gimmicky hanging planters for strawberries. No more sage unless I trim it mercilessly – we don’t cook sausages nearly enough, and the plant propagates by itself.

Definitely more rosemary and more basil. Good ROI for our kitchen.

I’ll also grow catnip and peppermint in pots, as those are invasive. And if our chili pepper plant will survive the cats’ nibbling (even with the peppers on it!), maybe we’ll plant some more peppers too.

Getting the hang of it, I think!