November 9, 2009

Weekly review: Week ending November 8, 2009

November 9, 2009 - Categories: weekly

Last week was a high-energy week. Tuesday was networking-intensive: a breakfast meeting, a major presentation, and a speed-mentoring event. On Thursday, I had lunch with an IBMer in order to give him career advice (!). On Friday, I had lunch with an acquaintance who’s planning to go to the Philippines, and I hosted a friend of a mentor.

It was a good thing that I had blocked off the entire weekend to enjoy some quiet time. Aside from a few neighbourly encounters (it was a gorgeous fall weekend), I didn’t talk to anyone but W- all weekend. I even skipped my usual video chat with my mom, instead catching up on sleep and quiet.

Fortunately, recharging didn’t involve zoning out. We had a very productive weekend. We spent Saturday doing laundry, planning and making a sofa wrap, and tidying up a little. On Sunday, we bought groceries and made two large batches of lunches/dinners. Based on the success of our fleece blanket experiment, we picked up fleece sheet sets for everyone in the house, too. I ended the day by cutting out the pieces for hooded fleece house robes for W- and me. Yes, definitely a getting-ready-for-winter weekend.

Next week promises to be a high-energy one as well, between a trip to Boston (during which I am probably going to be too busy to meet up with folks =( ) and the paperwork for my permanent residency.

Plans from last week:

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