December 21, 2009

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Weekly review: Weeks ending Dec 13, 2009 and Dec 20, 2009

Clearly, my Weekly Review task isn’t prominent enough on my task list. Looks like I need to set up a recurring calendar appointment.

Week ending Dec 13, 2009 – plans from the week before:



  • Buy pasalubong
  • Plan tea party
  • Bake another pie
  • Spent time with W- and his mom


  • Learn more about animation
  • Start sewing coat
  • Chat with Greg about sharing
  • Chat with Irina about VA and sharing
  • Also: Posted my yearly plans

Week ending Dec 20, 2009:


  • Facilitated Idea Lab for chemicals and petroleum company
  • Sent thank-you note to Idea Lab participants
  • Updated and reorganized wiki pages
  • Scrubbed output documents and posted them to our community site
  • Participated in community calls, volunteered for more talks
  • Attended networking event at work


  • Hosted a tea party =)
  • Packed my bags for the Philippines
  • Baked apple pie from scratch, yay!
  • Had lots of great mentoring conversations


  • Wrote a lot on my blog
  • Experimented with mentoring

Plans for next week (week ending Dec 27, 2009)


  • Set up Idea Lab needed for January
  • Document practices and lessons learned
  • Set up contingency plans, transfer skills
  • Interview Arvin P. about talking to CEOs


  • Help make cheesecake
  • Attend W’s family get-together
  • Fly to the Philippines


  • Relax (v. important! =) )

My week starts with Mondays, and other ways perspective influences life

On my blog, the calendar week starts with Monday. This is standard practice in Europe, but not in the Philippines or Canada, where the calendar week typically starts with Sunday.

I like starting the week with Mondays more, though. It’s the same week, but the framing changes subtle things. Mostly, it means seeing my weekend as a block of unstructured time, instead of split up into two individual days.

Seeing my weekend as a weekend makes it easier to plan productive things that take time. I don’t see my weekdays as an interruption of my weekend. They’re part of a cycle, a rhythm. I even like Mondays. I see weekdays as a chance to dig into things I’d like to do at work.

I like starting my week on a Monday. I like thinking of it as investing time and energy into work, and then rewarding myself by investing time and energy into other things I love. I like that more than starting my week on a Saturday (which feels like I enjoy myself first, and then I have to work) or a Sunday (which feels more fragmented).

It’s funny, but little things like that matter. How you frame things determines what you see.

When does your week start?

Thanks to David Singer for the nudge!