February 8, 2010

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ACM Hypertext conference in Toronto this June; paper deadline Feb 14

My research supervisor is chairing the ACM Hypertext conference that will be held in Toronto from June 13 to 16, 2010. The conference focuses on linking and interconnectivity, and will have sessions on Web 2.0, social computing, and the semantic web. Tracks:

  • Social computing
  • Adaptive hypermedia and applications
  • Hypertext in education and communications

The deadline for paper submissions is February 14.

ACM Hypertext2010

Weekly review: Week ending February 7, 2010


  • [/] Revise wiki structure
  • [X] Follow up on lessons learned
  • Also: Coordinated regarding logo
  • Explored archetype analysis spreadsheet – understand it better now
  • Created archetype presentation for an upcoming workshop
  • Created Idea Lab for another upcoming workshop
  • Documented Idea Lab preparation
  • Set up community for industry maestros
  • Gave a new team member the overview of how information was organized; documented this for the team
  • Posted follow-up/analysis of  backchannel conversation from microblogging talk
  • Had fun documenting things right before people needed them ;)
  • Signed up for the Art of Marketing seminar


  • [X] Book wedding chambers
  • [X] Try out restaurants – looked at 12 restaurants!
  • [/] Book reception
  • [/] Look for photographers / videographers – decided against wedding photography package, will go for family portraits instead
  • [/] Look for cheongsam (there’s a nice one for $75, but it’s probably available for cheaper)  – may opt for simple red dress or brocade jacket
  • [  ] Start collecting guest addresses – will go for small wedding instead
  • [  ] Send care package
  • [  ] Plan February tea party
  • [  ] Send thank-you notes
  • Also: Met up with Quinn while she was in town
  • Helped J- with her homework
  • Chatted with Jeff Widman about business, life, virtual assistance
  • Ordered book for mom


  • [  ] Group Siargao pictures into a story
  • [/] Plan crafts
  • Also: Had regular eye checkup, ordered glasses
  • Made orange marmalade
  • Sewed a number of zippered pouches
  • Made a little felt case for my iPod
  • Bought two pairs of jeans (it’s about time…)
  • Read lots of books
  • Stocked up on zippers and cloth

The week went by so quickly. I postponed a number of items on my task list so that I didn’t go crazy trying to fit everything in. At work, I prioritized supporting upcoming engagements and improving our process documentation. One of our new team members was impressed by the way we’d written down lots of stuff – hooray. Outside work, I focused on planning the wedding and on exploring crafts.



  • [  ] Support upcoming workshops by setting up Idea Labs and doing archetype presentations
  • [  ] Braindump more of what I know at work
  • [  ] Organize teleconference for people working in my neighborhood
  • [  ] Give “Shy Connector” presentation to WITI audience


  • [  ] Try another restaurant
  • [  ] Check out portrait photographers
  • [  ] Hand-write invitations and include in care package


  • [  ] Sew more zippered pouches
  • [  ] Sew wrap-around zippered pouch
  • [  ] Work on Siargao scrapbook, really
  • [  ] Send invitations for February tea party (end of month-ish?)

Lessons learned from microblogging talk

I gave a talk on microblogging to approximately 150 people at IBM. It was fantastic! There was so much energy and engagement, it was all I could do to keep up with the free-wheeling discussion.

What worked well:

  • My entire presentation (excluding the title slide) consisted of a single-slide summary. That was really useful, as it meant that people knew the structure and what I was going to talk about right away.
  • The chat conversation was lively. Really lively. =)
  • Having someone else watch the conversation definitely helped. Also, treating it as a river of thoughts, or a jumping-off point for further discussions… It’s like a big brainstorming session!

What I’d like to improve further:

  • My quick overview (plan: 5 minutes) ended up taking 20 minutes because I responded to people on the fly. Totally okay. I wonder if I can make the set-up presentation shorter so that I can open it up for Q&A even earlier.
  • I’d planned to switch to screen sharing and go through things dynamically, but I went with the static image because I didn’t want  to interrupt the conversation with more moving parts. ;) Maybe if I can get to the point of quickly doing visual notetaking in real life (like Minna does!), then I’ll be able to keep up with doing it virtually too.
  • This presentation/interaction pattern is new and powerful. It can feel like a chaotic bazaar sometimes, though! I wonder how we can manage this better. I’d love to use a tool with a bigger chat box, for example. That would make the backchannel easier to see and read.

That was exhilarating!