September 16, 2010

‘round the bend

September 16, 2010 - Categories: Uncategorized

You know those moments in formulaic movies. Our heroes hit their lowest points. Everything looks stressful. Then something changes, and everything starts looking up.

This week feels different from last week. I think weve finally made it round the bend in terms of wedding planning. With two weeks to go until the wedding, its about time. =)

Weve cleared most of the woodworking tools from the living room, so theres space for guests. We reinstalled the shoe cabinets in the newly-painted hallway. We have a detailed plan for things to do until the big day. Weve got a definite answer for the drama wed been struggling with, and everything else looks like it will work out.

Things are looking up. Im even excited it might not be the stressful day Id been dreading. It might even be fun. =)