January 12, 2010

Cats in high places

January 12, 2010 - Categories: cat

“What am I going to do?” my mom asked. “There are two kittens near the catwalk, and they’re coloured like Neko.”

We find our cats in unlikely places. I discovered Neko when our bathroom wall started mewing.

There are kittens and I can hear them!

I couldn’t help it. I clambered onto the catwalk (carefully, carefully) and scattered some food for them. They were too far, and I didn’t think I could trust the boards with my weight. Besides, the mommy cat shouldn’t worry about humans handling the kitties. Better that they’re there. And I won’t be here, so I can’t find out if the kittens are being taken care of and I don’t have the time to rear them in case they aren’t…

I hope mommy cat is okay. She’s not Neko. Neko’s been spayed for a long time. Might be a relative, though. So cute!

There are kittens and I can hear them!

A night with the barkada

January 12, 2010 - Categories: barkada, friends, philippines, sketches


I’m trying to figure out how to explain to other people what this barkada thing is like, but it’s hard.

I can’t explain how the conversation can flow so fast and funny over water and pizza. (And to think that other people drink alcohol to relax their inhibitions.)

In-jokes that still haven’t grown old, after all these years. New jokes and references. Politically incorrect humor mixed in with ideas and initiatives. Serious thoughts mixed in with crazy antics.

There’s something about critical mass and quick retorts that’s part of the magic of being in person.

It’s amazing being part of a group like this.

Facilitation: Thinking about the ends and means

January 12, 2010 - Categories: learning, work

I want to learn more about facilitation. What does better facilitation look like? Thinking about that will help me figure out what I need to learn and how.

Online facilitation

At work, I organize online brainstorming on specific client challenges. It’s a good idea, and there’s plenty of room for improvement.

The results of a perfect discussion would be:

The challenges include:

The factors I can influence are:

In-person facilitation

In our face-to-face workshops, I occasionally help with the ideation segment, particularly for clients interested in social networking or Generation Y. We usually use a persona-based wild success story approach. Clients do their own visioning in workshops. How can we add value?

The results of a perfect session would be:

The challenges include:

The factors I can influence are:

Visual facilitation

I like drawing. Visual notes are fun to make, and other people find them interesting too. I’d like to get better at many different facets, like visual recording and visual facilitation.

What would better look like?

The factors I can influence are:

I’ll share my notes in the Facilitation category of my blog. Looking forward to the adventure!