January 21, 2010

Book: On Becoming a Leader

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Norman Lear would add to this that the goal isn’t worth arriving at unless you enjoy the journey. “You have to look at success, incrementally,” he said. “It takes too long to get to any major success…. If one can look at life as being successful on a moment-by-moment basis, one might find that most of it is successful. And take the bow inside for it. When we wait for the big bow, it’s a lousy bargain. They don’t come but once in too a long time. ” (p.51)

No leader sets out to be a leader. People set out to live their lives, expressing themselves fully. When that expression is of value, they become leaders.

So the point is not to become a leader. The point is to become yourself, to use yourself completely — all your skills, gifts, and energies — in order to make your vision manifest. (p.111-112)

On Becoming A Leader: Revised Edition
Warren Bennis

(Disclosure: The link above is an Amazon affiliate link. That said, I recommend checking out your local library. I got this book from the Toronto Public Library, yay!)

Many people worked long hours and sacrifice other parts of their lives in order to achieve career success. They want the executive title, the high salaries, the decision-making power, and the recognition. I don’t think that kind of career lifestyle is a great fit for me. Instead of sacrificing so much for a big potential payoff, I’d rather focus on living well at each step, and feeling successful in each moment. The core of my work is figuring out who I am, what talents I can bring, and what difference I can make.

What could help you express yourself more fully?

Free Drupal-IBM-Acquia webinar: Integrating Drupal with Enterprise Back-office Systems – Thu Jan 21 2010 1PM EST

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I coached developers on this project. =) It was pretty darn cool, what they did with Drupal, Websphere, DB2, and web services. Check it out!

Integrating Drupal with Enterprise Back-Office Systems to Deliver a Best of Breed e-Commerce Sites

Join Drupal experts from IBM Global Services as they detail the process of defining business requirements, selecting the appropriate technologies, overcoming the technical enterprise integration challenges, and ultimately launching best of breed e-commerce sites with Drupal.

Key takeaways will include:
A review of the key business and technology decision criteria for selecting Drupal and Acquia
An example of a 3 tiered architecture designed to deliver end-end automation and a flexible platform for future innovation
Tips on how to integrate front-end and back-end systems including Drupal, Websphere, DB2, and ERP system for launching a best of breed e- commerce solution.
A discussion of which Drupal modules and Acquia services are recommended.
Best practices and technologies for building a development and test environment to optimize parallel development and ensure security

This Webinar is designed for those who want to learn more about best practices for designing an enterprise architecture with Drupal at the core and integrating Drupal with other enterprise systems.



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January 21, 2010 - Categories: life

Recovering from jet lag has been slow, but I think I’m on my way. My cold has lifted a bit. I’m no longer miserably sneezing into an endless series of handkerchiefs. I stayed up until 10 last night, although I occasionally dozed off standing up. I’m awake enough to make breakfast (today: grilled cheese sandwiches with nutmeg and tomato).

I’m still a little scatter-brained, though. Please bear with me as I get back on track.

There’s a lot in store for 2010. I’m going to learn a ton about facilitation and training. I’ll meet a lot of interesting people. I’ll explore many different hobbies. I’ll grow a lot, both professionally and personally.

This week is about getting my bearings. This month is about preparing the foundation.

The books have started pouring in from the Toronto Public Library, re-requested or reactivated after my vacation. That familiar itch has come back. I need to have unread books on the shelf, just waiting to be discovered. I need to browse whatever’s at hand, learning random bits of knowledge.

Still a little unraveled. I need to collect myself. I haven’t written in a while. I always get a little frazzled after a long time of not writing. Writing helps me create order. Sense-making.

Yesterday, I updated my social insurance number and applied for a health card. Slowly moving towards having a permanent identity here, instead of just a temporary one.

Next next Saturday, I’ll take my cat to the vet for a check-up and registration.

Hmm, maybe I can filter my feed reader to remove any posts about personal branding.

Ah, a good stretch. I’m looking forward to my next bike ride. I might go out later. It’ll be around –1’C, cloudy. It’ll be good to be on a bicycle again.

Oh! There it is. That lightness of spirit, the bubbling of enthusiasm beneath the surface, no longer weighed down by the fatigue of the past few days. Not quite back to normal yet, but getting there slowly.

Things to look forward to: sewing, biking, tea parties, misc. crafts, figuring out what I’m going to do at work, getting things sorted out.