May 7, 2010

A letter to my 8-year-old self

May 7, 2010 - Categories: life

Dear 8-year-old Sacha,

You might not believe me, but your interest in computers will lead to making lots of good friends. So go ahead, enjoy it, and don’t mind the people who tease you about being a geek. When you grow up, this will be a very good thing.

I don’t know which experiences I’d want to steer you towards or away from. Even the tough decisions and seeming mistakes turn out to be all right. The boy whose heart you’ll break in second year high school will turn out to be a good friend later on. The writer you’ll have a crush on (although you’ll eventually find conversation awkward because you aren’t immersed enough in fiction) will end up telling you about a scholarship that will take you halfway around the world. The big fight you have with a friend at school will make it easier to leave for Japan, where you’ll meet the research supervisor who’ll convince the department to accept your application. Things work out.

There are a few minor things you might do differently, but don’t worry, life works out to be pretty awesome anyway. These suggestions will probably make life better without messing up the space-time continuum too much:

Stick up for yourself, learn and share as much as you can, and enjoy. Life is going to be awesome.

26-year-old Sacha

May 8, 2012

P.S. Draw and doodle more. Ignore the frustration of not being able to draw as well as you want. You’ll appreciate having practised. – 28-year-old Sacha