January 20, 2011

Monthly review: December 2010

January 20, 2011 - Categories: monthly

Update: fixed year, thanks!

Forgot I hadn’t done one of these for December. Good thing I’ve been getting my to-do capture system sorted out again. In November’s review, I said:

What will December look like? Lots of good work, more productivity
experiments, maybe some Android hacking, a few social get-togethers,
and onwards to another great year.

We did most of the work on Project M and Project S, both Drupal projects for non-profits who had received grants from IBM. I experimented with changing what day my week starts on, making taho, illustrating cards, and Android use. Lots of Android hacking, too. Oh, and we disassembled and reassembled a new washing machine and dryer, and both worked! Boy, did we ever learn a lot from that. I posted more sketchnotes, networking tips, Emacs news, and career reflections, too.