February 22, 2011

How I spent my Family Day weekend

February 22, 2011 - Categories: sketches


New recipes: chapati, curried chickpeas, vegetable biryani (from sauce), Tex-mex lasagna

Lots of time spent putting together presentations. Worth it, though! Looking forward to improving my workflow further.

Kaizen: Thinking about presentations

February 22, 2011 - Categories: kaizen, life, speaking

I’ve just finished a presentation (The ITSC Guide to Conference Awesomeness) and I’ve got a few presentations coming up:

I also plan to experiment with Slideshare’s Zipcast feature, maybe doing “Remote Presentations That Rock”, “Six Steps to Sharing”, “The Shy Connector”, and other presentations.

There’s always room for growth. Thinking about that last presentation, what worked well?

How can I make things better?

Things I’d like to grow into: