March 5, 2011

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Weekly review: Week ending March 4, 2011

From last week’s plans

  • Work
    • [X] Deliver “Remote Presentations That Rock”
    • [X] Work on ECM project
    • [-] Get things going with Drupal project
    • [X] Prepare other presentations and resources
    • [X] Do IBM #infoboom tweetchat on how to get more value from blogging
    • [-] Post the rest of series on getting more value from blogging – Almost done
    • Back into programming, yay! Got AJAX/PHP project started.
  • Relationships
    • [X] Host tea get-together
    • [X] Reach out to new blog commenters – well, mostly old blog commenters
    • Checked out Liberty Village Toastmasters
  • Life
    • [-] Experiment with fixed-time wakeups
    • [X] Draw more
    • [X] Write monthly review
    • Helped with study group
    • Got my TD Waterhouse account sorted out (kinda)

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [X] Work on critsit involving AJAX and PHP
    • [X] Start building web services using Websphere Application Server
    • [X] Shepherd the Rails project through legal approval process
  • Relationships
    • [X] Meet up with Cate Huston and Maggie Zhou
    • [X] Help with study group
    • [X] Book flights
  • Life
    • [X] Try more Zipcast experiments
    • [X] Practise driving
    • [X] Write about tweetchats and presentations
    • [X] Work on plans

Time analysis

Experiment for the week: more social stuff. Met people, had mentoring chats, reached out through e-mail, etc.

Category This week Last week Delta Notes
Break 1.3 3.7 -2.4
Drawing 4.7 -4.7
Exercise 3.8 3.3 0.5
Personal 1.6 1.7 -0.1
Learning 0
Preparation 3.2 5.0 -1.8
Routines – cooking 2.3 8.9 -6.6 Living off leftovers, efficiency yay =)
Routines – general 7.6 10.5 -2.9
Routines – tidying 7.8 2.4 5.4
Sleep 58.5 55.7 2.8
Social 29.2 27.0 2.2 Tea party
Travel 7.5 0.6 6.9 Went up to office several times
Work 40.2 37.4 2.8
Writing 4.8 7.1 -2.3

More time spent commuting, but it was with W-, so it was a lot of fun. =)

Presentation experiment: Shy Connector, Six Steps to Sharing, and other presentations in March!

Slideshare’s new Zipcast feature nudged me to experiment with giving more online presentations externally. I regularly give presentations inside IBM using our Lotus Live Meetings service. Because of the usage charges, though, I haven’t gotten around to offering many externally-available presentations. I accept invitations to speak, but I tend not to organize things myself.

I think that’s worth experimenting with. Not only are web conferences a good way to get ideas out to more people, they’re also a great way for me to learn from the questions and answers people have. I’m going to organize weekly presentations, taking advantage of Zipcast’s beta and seeing whether this is something worth investing in going forward.

Why come when you can get the content from my blog or posted presentations?

  • Get extra energy from hearing and seeing me talk about things I’m excited about
  • Ask questions and share your thoughts in the text chat
  • Connect and help me and others learn

Here are the presentations I’m thinking of doing. They’ll be every Saturday in March, 12 noon – 1 PM Eastern Time, and I’ll see if I can hack a way to record and sharing the presentations. Feel free to share these events with others!

The Shy Connector, March 5, 2011, 12pm-1pm EST,
Are you an introvert? I am too! Use these seven tips to help you make the most of your introvert strengths and connect with people.
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Six Steps to Sharing, March 12, 2011, 12pm-1pm EST,
Want to get started in blogging, but don’t think you know anything worth sharing? Here’s how small steps can help you build the habit of sharing and learning online.
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Remote Presentations That Rock, March 19, 2011, 12pm-1pm EST
Want to get better at reaching, teaching, and inspiring people through online presentations? Find it challenging to connect with people or continue the conversation? Use these seven tips to create and deliver remote presentations that rock.
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Get More Value from Blogging, March 26, 2011, 12pm-1pm,
How can you make blogging pay off for you better, personally and professionally? Pick up tips and ask questions in this session!
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Can you think of other people who might find these presentations useful?

What else would you like to learn more about?