July 5, 2011

Organizing my digital life

July 5, 2011 - Categories: geek

W- upgraded our file server to a RAID-1 configuration (mirroring without parity or striping) using two 1.8-terabyte disks. Now we can back up and reorganize our files, and set up regular backup routines too. It’s a good time to think about what I want from archives and how I can organize them to improve retrieval and serendipity.

What would a good archive be like?

What would good workflows look like?


  1. Copy files off the camera and put them in my folders.
  2. Use Bibble5 to rate the photos and process them.
  3. Export the pictures and upload them to Picasa and Facebook.
  4. Order prints.

Blog posts:

  1. Draft posts using organizer.org in my Emacs, or use ScribeFire to draft graphical posts.
  2. Illustrate them with sketches or photos (optional).
  3. Publish to blog.
  4. Save daily backups of database and monthly backups of HTML.
  5. Print blog dump monthly.
  6. Do a monthly or weekly review of unpublished drafts to see if I can build on them.
  7. Review past years’ blog posts to see if I can build on any.

What do I want to access from my laptop while I’m at home?

What do I want to be able to access offline or away from home?

Hmm, might be worth saving up for a larger hard disk drive for my laptop, too…

How do you get more value out of your archives?