August 13, 2011

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Weekly review: Week ending August 12, 2011

It was a wonderful week. I talked to clients about the scope of a new project and wrapped up a project with another set of clients. And it was my 28th birthday on Friday, too! Whee. =)

From last week's plans

  • Work
    • [X] Wrap up project M
    • [X] Set up meeting for project T
    • [X] Follow up with project O
    • [X] Figure out what next week will look like
  • Relationships
    • [X] Volunteer to lead a build class at Free Geek
    • [X] Hang out with W-'s family
    • Got build process notes sorted out, followed up with Free Geek Toronto
  • Life
    • [-] Sketch yearly update
    • [X] Practise piano some more
    • [X] Decide whether to continue piano lessons: I'll study on my own for a bit
    • Ordered movie ticket coupons

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [ ] Tidy up project M some more
    • [ ] Shepherd paperwork for project T
    • [ ] Work on my project assessments
    • [ ] Learn about Maqetta
  • Life
    • [ ] Sketch year in review
    • [ ] Write, write, write

Time analysis

ActivityThis weekLast weekDeltaNotes
D - Break0.76.5-5.8
D - Drawing4.24.8-0.6
D - Gardening1.2-1.2
D - Latin1.44.3-2.9Less travel time, so less Latin review time
D - Piano6.64.52.1At least half an hour each day
D - Reading0.71.6-0.9
D - Shopping11.0-11.0Moved time to socializing and volunteering instead
D - Social11.56.55.0
D - Volunteering6.36.3
D - Writing8.16.51.6
R - Cooking6.48.8-2.4
R - Eating4.97.0-2.1
R - Exercise5.92.63.3Biked to work
R - Routines7.78.8-1.1
R - Sleep60.960.80.1
R - Tidying2.58.6-6.1
Work40.024.215.8Back to regular work

I met some clients for the first time, and they mentioned that they read my blog. One client told the other that it's a wonder I got any sleep. Thanks to my time-tracking, I could tell her that I actually do manage to get eight-and-a-half to nine hours of sleep everyday, but that I don't watch television. =)

Back to regular programming. Last week's average of about 4 hours of discretionary time per workday held steady. I had about 9 hours of discretionary time each weekend day, which was up from last week. We spent more time cleaning last week, because we were reorganizing. This week felt like more of a typical week.

Life is great.