September 11, 2011

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Weekly review: Week ending September 9, 2011

Busy week. Good week. Lots of stuff done. SQL Server 2000 still frustrating, though. Oh well! Drupal and Rails hacking going well.

From last week's plans

  • Work
    • [X] Start on redesign for project T
    • [X] Do other coding tasks for project T
    • [X] Follow up on project O
    • [X] Revise drawings for Hello Monday! comic series: Bluepages done, next: work from home
    • Resolved server crash issue for project I
    • Improved Community Toolkit code - fixed bug
    • Regularly checked in on project I
  • Relationships
    • [X] Go to Quantified Self Toronto meetup, share notes on time tracking
    • [X] Reply to questions about quantified self
    • [-] Follow up on cat hotel / vets - choose an option
    • [X] Volunteer at Free Geek Toronto: take inventory of equipment, filter cards, improve checklist
  • Life
    • [X] Dashboard: Make hour visualization more flexible
    • [X] Dashboard: Get input from CSV
    • [X] Brainstorm other ways I can use delegation to improve life
    • [X] Take advantage of long weekend to plan projects
    • [-] Replace curtains (Value Village or Canadian Tire?)
    • [-] Look into buying summer flat shoes while they're on clearance - postponing until next year
    • [X] Laptop: Copy photos and sketches onto new hard drive
    • [-] Try microphone as sound sensor
    • [-] Prepare month in review with stats
    • Practised with photo flashcards of people's names and faces

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [ ] Put together and give IBM Drupal Users Group presentation on Source code and configuration management
    • [ ] Implement more features for project T
    • [ ] Follow up on project I
    • [ ] Prototype some more for project O
  • Relationships
    • [ ] Help with build class
    • [ ] Follow up on cat boarding
  • Life
    • [X] Get a massage
    • [ ] Prototype decision tracker (Org?)
    • [ ] Start putting together notes for myself

Time analysis

ActivityThis weekLast weekDelta
Sleep58.855.43.48.4 hours per week, back up to normal
Work32.240.1-7.93-day weekend
D - Break2.02.4-0.4
D - Writing7.211.4-4.2
D - Personal12.313.5-1.2Dashboard hacking
D - Delegating0.10.6-0.5
D - Social19.29.010.2Science Centre and Quantified Self
D - Drawing3.22.01.3
D - Shopping2.52.00.5
D - Reading5.65.6Getting through lots of books
D - Other2.5-2.5No electronics hacking
PERSONAL CARE14.817.6-2.8
P - Eating2.85.0-2.1
P - Routines6.36.4-0.1
P - Exercise5.66.2-0.6
UNPAID WORK10.211.7-1.5
UW - Cooking3.17.4-4.3
UW - Travel1.40.60.8
UW - Tidying5.73.72.0

Reorganized my time categories to match up with those used by OECD Society at a Glance reports for ease of comparison.