September 14, 2011

Free Geek Toronto: Notes from the build session

September 14, 2011 - Categories: geek

Last week’s build session went well. Four students assembled computers and got all the way to the Ubuntu installation section, while the rest were close.

Written instructions and checklists made a big difference. Students worked through the instructions independently, leaving us free to focus on helping students with troubleshooting. The instructions also helped us provide more detail than we might remember to mention, and they forced fewer synchronization points (“Okay, everyone, look here at this thing”).

It also helped to have a prepared environment. All the tools were at hand, such as CPU paste and a battery tester. Most of the computers we worked on had been properly evaluated, although there were a few that had been missed. Still, it was generally an enjoyable and not frustrating experience.

I’ve revised the instructions to clarify some other points that were missing before. Onward and upward! =)

Here are some ways we can make this even better: