October 26, 2011

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Practising drawing: variations on a theme


You need to doodle your way through lots of faces until you get the hang of drawing them the way you like them. I havenít quite figured them out yet, but Iím getting there. Minor variations on a theme help me understand things better. This must be why there are lots of classical music pieces that sound alike Ė composers figuring things out, too.

I like the simple style I picked up from Sachiko Umotoís Illustration School: Letís Draw Happy People. Two dots, a nose, a mouth. Thatís all we need. Actually, people want to see faces so much, you can pretty much pick anything with two ďeyesĒ and bilateral-ish symmetry.

Itís fun to draw faces. They make me happy even if I donít fill in the rest of the figures.

Practice will help me learn how to draw better. Faces, then torsos, then legs, then arms, then hands.