November 19, 2011

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Weekly review: Week ending November 18, 2011

Good week! Lots of progress on coding and testing work projects as well as Quantified Awesome. Getting there…

From last week's plans

  • Work
    • [X] Give a presentation on automated testing
    • [X] Get project T closer to launch
    • [X] Finish applying the theme for project O
    • [X] Set up production environment for project O
    • [-] File expenses - postponed
    • Rails: Learned how to extend ActiveRecord::Base with my own association methods
    • Rails: Started running coverage tests
    • Rails: Built an interactive tutorial feature for project O
    • Rails: Added import users / activate users for project O
  • Relationships
    • [X] Host another study group
    • [X] Help out with home renovations planning
    • Helped repoint the bricks using lime mortar
    • Crunched some data on Homestars reviews
    • Helped out with study group on Think on Your Feet
    • Wrote down more stories.
  • Life
    • [X] Add contexts to stuff-tracking
    • [/] Get system ready for Quantified Self demo
    • Changed Quantified Awesome to use Twitter Bootstrap - now it looks all Web 2.0-y
    • Fixed bugs related to library cards, food tracking
    • Played Lego Harry Potter 5 - 7: fun!

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [ ] Project O: Get ready for big demo
    • [ ] Project O: Get to 100% test coverage
    • [ ] Project T: Bugfixes, final round of testing?
    • [ ] File expenses
    • [ ] Move flashcard app to internal host
    • [ ] Get ready for flashcard demo
  • Relationships
    • [ ] Go to Rails Pub Nite on Monday
    • [ ] Host study group
    • [ ] Build memories into Quantified Awesome
  • Life
    • [ ] Work on user support for Quantified Awesome
    • [ ] Simplify stuff interface - what would it take to make it a system my mom can start using?
    • [ ] Get ready for Quantified Self Toronto demo
    • [ ] Fix mobile version

Time analysis

Okay! I decided to work less and sleep more, and I did. I still got plenty of stuff done at work (lots of development, a presentation, and more!). Interestingly enough, discretionary time was down a little from last week, even though it felt like I had more free time. Oh, that was because I counted repointing the bricks on Saturday as exercise time, although it could also be filed under social.

ActivitySatSunMonTueWedThuFriTotalAverageWeekday averageWeekend average
Unpaid work1.
Personal care7.
ActivityThis weekLast weekDeltaNotes
! Discretionary34.235.9-1.7
! Personal care22.214.87.4More exercise
! Unpaid work11.214.8-3.6Less cooking
A - Sleep58.749.19.6Yay more sleep (more than a full night of additional sleep, even!)
A - Work41.754.4-12.7Keeping it within reasonable bounds
D - Break8.28.2This is all LEGO Harry Potter…
D - Drawing0.90.10.7A little bit of planning for the website
D - Other7.512.4-4.9Lots of progress on my Quantified Awesome project!
D - Personal3.60.13.5
D - Reading0.52.5-2.0
D - Shopping1.61.6
D - Social9.416.1-6.7Study group
D - Writing2.44.6-2.2I should write more blog posts about what I'm learning
P - Eating4.91.83.1More relaxed meals
P - Exercise9.23.85.4Repointing, lots of walking
P - Routines8.29.2-1.1
UW - Cooking5.16.1-1.0
UW - Tidying2.96.9-4.0Should do more tidying up today
UW - Travel3.21.81.4Commuting to work every day

I think I'm on the right track. Next week will probably involve more socializing (Rails Pub Nite meetup, etc.) and more hacking (getting Quantified Awesome ready for demo on Nov 30), so I might take time away from cooking and playing, and maaaybe a little from sleep.

I totally fell off the waking-up-early bandwagon. I think that's due to playing LEGO Harry Potter, because I ended up going to bed around 11:30 instead of around 10. I could reset and save the game for weekends, which stretches it out for longer enjoyment.

I could also wait for J- and only play it with her, turning it into a social-ish activity. We'd complete it in a little less time, but playing would be a little less flexible for me. It's okay, I can just spread it out over time.

Life is good.